At this point we have a solid idea for our short prerecorded insert for the show in November. We have a fairly good plan for the scenes within the piece, and how we’re going to film them. We just need to polish off everything before we pitch our idea to the tutor this week.
So we’ve been having a couple of meetings every week, mainly to go through the sequence in detail and to plan them more securely. Whilst me, Luke and Greg have taken the helm in organising the meetings everyone has been contributing ideas which has been great.
We’ve had a couple of good thoughts this week to improve our insert. Firstly, the locations for filming, we wanted to involve some iconic aspects of the South West. So for our first scene where the American student arrives we’ve decided to film at Bristol Temple Meads station. This will combine a bit of famous local architecture with the original narrative. We will also be filming the second scene with the football game at Bath’s historic Royal Crescent as well as the third scene being at the Roman Baths.

Secondly, we decided to add in a “video diary” second to our film. This will be from the American’s perspective and will help tie the piece together, it will also be relatively easy to film with a webcam inside of a house. I think that aesthetically it will work well if this section of video is a bit grainy in comparison to the rest of the film, as it is meant to be filmed on a webcam and the juxtaposition will make it more realistic.

Another thing we have been organising this week has been our roles within the group, both for the prerecorded inserts and for the live filming for the show itself.
For the inserts we identified all the things which will need to be done, and divided them out fairly so that everyone had a relatively equal amount of work to do and everyone had a job they wanted.
Alex P – Post production (Main editor), runner.
Gabriella – Costume, props
Geoffrey – Sound
George – Production (getting permissions etc)
Greg – Providing actors, Camera
Hannah (me)- Stills photographer, post production, camera, secondary producer
Matt – Camera
Luke – Script writer, team co-ordinator

Luke, who is our script writer created our first script this week. We’re all really happy with it but when we find our actors we may need to make minor changes. The first draft of the script was uploaded to our group Facebook page so we all had easy access to it. He also put together a document for our formative pitch to our tutor.
George has been sending out emails to the Bath and Bristol film office to obtain permissions for filming. This shouldn’t be too tricky as most of our filming is outdoors.
Mat, Greg and Geoffrey have been getting fully trained with the equipment they will be using for the shoot and Alex and I have been polishing up our Final Cut techniques. Greg has also been on the hunt for two suitable actors, one to play the English student and one to convincingly play the American student.
Gabriella has been looking into what props we will be needing for the shoot, including American football gear and bath props. She has found that as the university have an American football society obtaining kit for that shouldn’t be too hard.
I have also been organising potential dates for filming, we plan on doing it all over the week starting the 5th of November so I put together a spreadsheet with everyone’s availability on the group’s Facebook page. I will also be in charge of booking out all the equipment for filming from the University, which will involve lots of health and safety assessments and organising collection and return of the equipment.
The next step is to find our actors, find out when they are available next week and then filming can start! Exciting!


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