So the week is upon us! After many meetings and organisational Facebook exchanges filming week is here.
There was some minor issues finding actors, as even a confident actor can be put off my having to pull a non-cheesy American accent and the prospect of walking through Bath in just a towel. So as a result rather than using Greg’s actors Luke found us some people. As one of the actors is, in fact, an actress we have tweaked some of the script a bit. We have also planned on making the Roman Bath sequence a bit more subtle, with the actor just having a towel around her neck rather than wearing nothing but a towel.

George has been working on getting the call sheets and permits together over the weekend and I have arranged the hire of all the equipment. I put together a spreadsheet highlighting the different equipment I have booked and the collection dates and times for each item. There was a minor issue with the equipment due to the time of year and demand for certain items some of the equipment we wanted wasn’t available for us to use. To resolve this issue there is some items we will not have for the whole week and some which weren’t our first choice. I also put together a spreadsheet showing the availability of all the members of our team which made it easier to arrange which days to film on.

Another issue we have faced is costume, whilst finding English football kits wasn’t hard, the American football kit was a lot more tricky. Greg tried to chase up the Bath Spa American Football society and I looked into fancy dress places with kit for hire. After finding that nowhere in the Bath or Bristol area had one to hire Greg hit gold by finding a kit available to borrow from the American Footballers at the university. It didn’t have the full shoulder pads and helmet but that wasn’t a problem.

We estimated that to get all the shots we would need it would take us two full days of filming, one in Bath and one in Bristol. As everyone was available on Wednesday and Sunday we decided to film in Bath (the Royal Crescent and the Roman Baths) on Wednesday from 12 until 3 and Bristol Temple Meads on Sunday 12 until 3.


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