For today’s shoot we were at Bristol Temple Meads station. It was a beautiful sunny day which made our shoot a bit easier. Everything looked very pretty in the sunshine and it meant there was no danger of the equipment getting wet from rain.

Annoyingly we’d arranged to be at the station at 12 and whilst I was there on time everyone else arrived just before 1. However, when we were all finally at the station filming went well. The first task was to find a suitable location to set up our cameras. We needed an area which had space for our prop car (which was Alex’s car) to pull up safely. We were able to find a spot out of the way in the car park which was for deliveries only and as it was Sunday there were no deliveries. So we could use the space undisturbed.

We were able to finish filming in just a few hours. As we had 2 good quality cameras, one NX5 and Alex’s Canon DSLR, we were able to get all the takes from 2 different angles which sped the process along.
Everyone worked well today. George was on camera 1 (the NX5) me, Alex and Matt took turns on camera 2 (Canon D550) Luke was directing the actors who were very good, Gabriella was taking “making of” photographs and I was also being floor manager and co-ordinator for much of the filming.
We overran because we started filming so late but as other people were free after 3 Alex, Luke and the actors went back to Bath to film the “video diary” section without the rest of the team. This concludes the filming for our insert.
The next stage of the project will be post production. Alex is our chief editor, but I’m going to assist him with anything he needs help with. As is often the problem with editing, too many people working on it at once can cause confusion. So apart from post production for our pre-recorded insert the next week will be preparing for the filming of the live show.


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