After we’d finished getting all the footage together for our short insert editing could begin. Alex got on with the editing very quickly, we feel he really got his teeth into it. Unfortunately there was a fairly major issue with some of the sound. The section we filmed at the royal crescent had huge sections of the audio missing completely, and the busker from outside of the Roman Baths turned out to be more of an issue than we had foreseen. To fix this the team came up with the idea of it being in a silent movie style, all apart from the video diary section. We were all happy with this plan. To make it look more fitting with the silent movie style we sped the footage up slightly and added a piano track.
Alex uploaded the first edited section of the film for us to all have a look at. He’d obviously worked really hard on the edit and by the second version it was looking fantastic.
Whilst I had planned on assisting with the edit Alex ended up doing it at home and by the time I was available to help he was finished. This was not a problem as he had been happy to do it on his own as it limited any miscommunication and confusion.
When the edit was finalised and we confirmed the whole group were happy with the final product we were ready to hand it in and focus on the studio filming next week.

Whilst I do think that our project went well over all, I definitely feel that certain thing could have been smoother. One main thing is that whilst we all set ourselves roles at the beginning of the task we didn’t tend to stick to those roles. This was partly down to the changing availability of the team but also because people wanted to try their hands at different roles.
I also feel that a shot list would have been useful before we started filming, it would have shortened our shooting time and helped when it came to editing.
With my own personal contribution could have been improved by realising tasks that needed to be done and rather than waiting for someone else to do them, doing them myself. For example, with the costume and props I think we all thought someone else was organising it and it ended up that no one was. Luckily we were all keeping in contact regularly and it soon became clear that we needed to get it sorted.


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