As yesterday (Tuesday) was mainly for the design set and costume team to work out the final sections of the studio set up I was not needed.
I arrived at Bath Road Studio after lunch as my other university commitments meant that I was unavailable for the shoot in the morning. By the time I arrived the scene “Warzone” had already been shot and completed and the band Mr Rathbone’s Talking Machine were all set up for their performance.
Shooting went very smoothly, annoyingly for me as people were running ahead of schedule when I arrived all the cameras had been allocated to people. This meant that my scheduled job had been given to someone else and that I actively had to find something else to do. I ended up being an operator for a camera jib during the filming as well as helping dismantle and pack away the set when the band shoot was complete.
The shoot itself went very smoothly. After watching the band rehearse the gallery had the shots they wanted in mind and the cameras picked them up precisely. We stuck to the set up we had decided on during our meeting on Monday and by the time we had a take we were happy with we were ahead of schedule.

The last part of the day consisted of de-rigging the set from the band shoot, packing all the musicians equipment into the cars and assembling the set for the first shoots of tomorrow morning.


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