Today was another 8 am call.
I got to Bath Road and after a quick catch up and a coffee headed up to the studio. The schedule was to film the “What Not To Say” Mock the Week style comedy insert in the morning, then de-rig and film the Pizza Cafe sketch.
One of the issues with being assigned the role of camera person is that other than setting up cameras and organising shots there’s not a lot to do before the shoot itself. So first thing this morning before the cameras could be set up I helped to organise and arrange the lighting for the first shoot. Due to some heavy traffic and bad timing the two main lighting people were late so I assisted another of the lighting team to arrange a basic light set up which the team could tweak when they arrived.
Filming the sketch was relatively straight forward, we used three cameras each with a different angle and kept them more or less stationary throughout.
There was some issues when setting up the cameras as we found coordinating the iris settings was problematic. This was mainly down to miscommunication and could have been avoided if we had listened to one another a bit better.
The afternoon involved shooting the “Pizza Cafe” scene. The scenery looked brilliant for this one and I think that because of the preparation time the lighting was looking really good. Shooting the scene was a good experience as the actors were incredibly talented and Gabby, who was directing this scene, was very precise with what she needed from the team as well as being very professional.
For me this afternoon was good because I could get a variety of shots of the four actors in accordance to what was happening in the script. I found it interesting to film and because we were all working so well together we got the scene polished in just a few takes.

Tomorrow is the final day, we have to shoot the section with the presenters and the “Unbuttoned” sketch. Should be good.


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