Seriously full on day today, not without hitches.
We started the day with the 8am call. We all then got on with perfecting the presenter set up set for the “Uni-Rap”. There was some complications again with lighting, but as I wasn’t needed on the camera first thing I assisted Alex and Joe to get it sorted. I found this a good exercise because it meant I was able to expand my lighting knowledge as well as camera.
After we were all set up and ready for the shoot we went through a couple of rehearsals with the actors so Leo, the director, could get an idea of what shots he wanted. For this section we had to film all the links in between inserts. We had scheduled it to take up until midday before we had a break for lunch but due to a lot of issues we ended up over running. We found that from the start of the shoot we were having some dispute about lighting as well as one of the radio microphones breaking. The sound team had a lot of issues to overcome but using a selection of different mics we ended up with a sound we were happy with. To add to that we also had two power cuts, the first of which lead to an early lunch break and the second came during what we all felt would be our final take.
But aside from the frustrating set backs the camera team had a relatively straightforward morning and eventually we got a take we were all happy with.
After we had finished shooting the first section we set up the other end of the studio for the live show shoot. This was another case of setting up lights on the already assembled set, setting up the camera positions and going through some potential shots with the director.
For this shoot we had three cameras;one on the main jib, one on a standard tripod and one on the mini jib. Elliot was on the camera on the main jib with Isaac spotting him, Alex H was on the tripod and I was on the mini jib with Matt assisting me.
The set up for this shoot consisted of an interview set up with two presenters stage right and two interviewees stage left. The mini jib I was on was positioned off to stage right pointed at the interviewees on stage left. Elliot and Isaac arranged the first shot to be a high to low pan starting wide and ending as a mid shot on the two presenters. This proved a little tricky to get completely smooth but after some practising Elliot had it nailed. This ended up being the shoot with the most motion in it from the camera team as it needed a mix of close ups, mid shots and wide angles.
After we had a wrap on the first studio sketch we went straight onto the second sketch. This was fairly straight forward as it was much the same set up as before. By the time we had a take wich we were happy with we were back on schedule.
When George, the floor manager, informed everyone that it was a wrap that signified the end of the weeks filming.


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