When looking back at the week in the studio there were definitely ups and downs. I found that when we were shooting I was kept busy with camera work, but it was frustrating that in the lead up to the shoots there was little for me to do. Whilst the design team and the main gallery team (producers, PA etc) had huge amounts of preparation for the show I found that there was little for the technical team to get on with before we started. I did, however, actively seek out things I could help out with such as planning for the set up and organising how to transport the team and the actors which kept me part of the team throughout.
Another aspect which I found frustrating was the conflicting instructions during filming. This could have been solved by having one person (the director) who had the final say.
Overall I think everyone had a pretty good time during this week, we’ve learning about the high intensity of studio work at the same time as having a bit of fun exploring the environment. I think that for the next studio exercise I would like to be involved with something different, possibly working in the gallery on doing the set design. Whilst I did enjoy being on the camera I feel like I’d like to have a try of everything so I can find what interests me the most.


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