In November 2012 I, as a Bath Spa University student, will be taking part in the Bath Road Studio Show. This will be a studio format television programme with a number of prerecorded inserts (at around 2 minutes each) within it. Me and a group of 7 other students will be creating one of these inserts as well as being part of the live studio recording.
Along with my classmates from Bath Spa there will also be a number of students from Chicago flying over to help join us for the studio film. They will also be bringing along some prerecorded inserts.
Apart from meeting new people and learning technical skills this assessment will focus on our ability to work in a team. Taken from the handbook for this module, this assessment will be broken down into three sections:

1. A Formative Pitch concept for a pre- recorded filmed or studio base Insert.  ( non assessed)         

2. Individual reflective /research folder/blog of individual contribution to THE BATH ROAD SHOW  ( 20%)

3. Essay on aspect of Commissioning Process in Television ( 20%)

This blog, as you may have guessed, is the second section of the assessment. I’ve started it early because I don’t want to forget any of the process.
So, here we are. My name is Hannah, I am a second year student at Bath Spa and this is my blog highlighting my participation in the November 2012 Bath Road Studio Show.


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